Ossett South Parade Primary


Sleepy Town consists of two main parts and the settings page. One section is Cloud Jump – a platform scrolling game and the second section is a fun quiz on sleep facts.

We decided to focus on sleep because without the correct amount of sleep it is impossible to be healthy. You cannot function well if you are tired, you become grumpy and irritable and no fun to be around. It is difficult to learn new things when you are tired. If you are tired you are not capable of peak physical performance, in fact people who regularly do not get enough sleep are more likely to be overweight. Not only does this affect physical health but this has a direct link to self esteem and mental health. Sleep deprivation can be so devastating and can ultimately lead to loss of life.

The quiz is a range of multiple choice questions - all relating to sleep (but some of the questions are to do with animal sleep – just for a bit more fun).

In Cloud Jump, Slurp has to jump between clouds to get to the exit. He is chased by televisions and phones – all enemies of sleep. These move around the screen. On the final level (6) he has to defeat DoomPig. When running around, Slurp can collect coins. Every 5 coins he collects automatically gives him a powerup – which turns him invisible for 5 seconds. Slurp has 3 lives. If he loses a life he automatically restarts the level he died on. After completing a level a fun sleep fact is displayed. On the final level, 5 coins gets Slurp a boomerang – in try and defeat DoomPig. If you miss – you lose a life. DoomPig shoots televisions and phones from his mouth to try and kill Slurp.

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