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Our team is a mix of different personalities. No two members are alike! We have a great range of imagination and good communication skills.

Social City is a concept based around social media safety and cyber bullying awareness and prevention. In today's technological society, it is essential for the younger generation and cyber bullying awareness and prevention. In today’s technological society, it is essential for the younger generation to be educated in how to be safe whilst enjoying the exciting world of the internet. Our game will teach children about the possible dangers and hazards that they may encounter whilst accessing the many different aspects of social media. It will also explain how to handle certain scenarios that may occur.

Avatars are the main part of our fabulous idea. They are also known as the funny duo of Healthy Island. The leader of the duo (the one who explains the most) is Callum the Comedic Computer and his partner Phoebe the Playful Phone. Together they lead you through the tutorial and explain what you have to achieve.
The main idea of our game is that you have to work your way through many different scenarios that may pose a threat while you are chatting, playing, e-mailing and gaming whilst on social media. Questions are asked and you have to choose from multiple choice answers. Points can be awarded for choosing the most appropriate answers. These points can be spent in the Avatar shop to customise your character.

We also have ideas for some mini games such as,
• Social Protection (a bit like Whack a Mole) where you have to bash the mean comments that people are saying) with Captain Cyber.
• Bacteria V Personal Hygiene where you have to battle bacteria to stay safe and hygienic with characters Benson and Stanley. (bullying can sometimes occur when children’s bodies are changing through puberty)

We hope you like our ideas.

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