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Dr Drive

Dr Drive was designed to help children combat their fear of the doctors. By using mini games, quizzes, friendly monsters and coupons, we hope to achieve this. We have also been looking at ways to adjust the previous app to be even more current!

Healthy Island has inspired us to become more aware about our health in a variety of different ways. It has helped us become more active, have better teeth and eat better. After lots of research, we came up with how this concept could be improved even further. We found out that the people who help us with all those things, might have become symbols of .... fear. Fear of the doctors is something we have all all heard of, but there is nothing really out there to help reduce this. Well, with our new concept 'Dr Drive' we do just this.

We began by finding out how children would like to be made calm at the doctors; many children suggested they would like an electronic device to help take their mind off the upcoming visit. We also began to wonder ....why? Why do holden fear the doctors. With many things, we believe it is the fear of the unknown that can scare children. This is why we created our quizzed based game Doctor, Doctor, designed to demystify the procedures that happen. Next we thought about the current market and the games people love to play. Crazes such as subway surfer, unlock the room and piano tiles have swept the nation. we believed by incorporating an app that is as infectious as these, we would add a long lasting quality to the game. We chose to adapt a popular version of Piano Tiles.

Finally, we decided to make make a few tweaks to the game. we studied each element and found 3 things. 1: We needed more vouchers 2: monster moves needed a helping hand 3:stuck in grump tower.

After thinking about what changed we wanted to make, we then game together and made our power point. We decided that for filming, we didn't want to use a normal PowerPoint, so we began using prezzie, and soon found the software wasn't for us, so we turned to our next option: green screen.

We hope you have as much fun learning about our concept as we had by creating it.

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