Sandal Castle VA Community Primary School

Peaceful Paradise

Peaceful Paradise is an extension to Healthy Island which focuses on mental health and e-safety. You can play fun, addictive games and upgrade your Monster Mansion to house your collectibles whilst learning about mental health and e-safety issues. We chose to focus on mental health because it is such a severe consequence of life. Did you know that 26% of young people in the UK experience suicidal thoughts?

Every time you log on you are presented with the Emotion Diary, this keeps track of how you have been feeling the past few days. We encourage you to be honest, there isn’t a bonus for being happy! If you are feeling sad, Tiny Tips can help you reflect on your emotions and offer you advice and where to get it from. If you are regularly recording negative emotions, you may be presented with links to appropriate websites. Tiny Tips appear throughout, to increase your knowledge around mental health and e-safety issues. You can then answer questions in-game to earn bonus rewards.

In Meditation Zone, you can listen to fun stories that help to stimulate your mind and practise skills with your chaperones Meditation Mike and Yoga Younis. In Feeling Factory, you tilt your device to sort positive or negative emojis into boxes after travelling down a conveyor belt. You set your own speed by adjusting the gear stick, the faster you choose to travel, the more coins you earn! Dandy Dash is a game where you run along lanes dodging obstacles such as negative emojis and inappropriate websites, as you try to beat your high score.

Monster Mansion is your home that you can upgrade after purchasing collectibles from the supermarket using coins you have earned. You can upgrade a whole host of things including wallpapers, outfits, furniture and many more!

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