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Mount Mental

When we played on Healthy Island our opinion was that it didn’t have a big enough emphasis on mental health issues. We are aware that mental health is a massive problem across the UK, so wanted to create an app to educate children about this.

Our game is called Mount Mental and is set in Mount Mental city on Healthy island. The aim of the game is to help you with your negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, jealousy and disappointment.

The game starts with the eruption of Mount Mental, spilling lots of negative emojis into the city. The character has to move around the city and visit different locations. Along the way, they will meet the negative emojis, where they will have to answer quiz questions on how to deal with that particular emotion. If the questions are answered correctly, the negative emotion is returned to the volcano and the player receives a positive emoji reward.

Sometimes the player will receive top tips on how to deal with negative emotions such as;
- If you’re feeling sad talk to someone you trust about your emotions.

- If you are feeling angry you can calm yourself down by counting to 10 slowly.

The player can also be involved in some mini games. These are called; stretch the smile, emoji invasion and good vs bad;

1) Stretch the smile is a game where you have to tap your screen to make it smile, therefore spreading positive emotions.
2) Emoji invasion is a game where you have to shoot all of the bad emoji’s and collect all of the good emoji’s
3) Good vs bad is a game where the good emoji has to run away from the bad emoji.

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