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Five a Day Funland

We chose to do a five a day funland because many children find it extremely boring learning about five a day, we thought why not make the message into a game. We have created three different games: five a high a Ferris wheel; food run (an interactive game like temple run); shoot the unhealthy food (a game where you tap the unhealthy food trying to clear the screen in 60 seconds). You have the chance to customise your character to what your imagination desires, by changing, eye colour, facial expressions and what type of fruit you are going to be. Once your character has been created, you can click enter and there will be a pledge you must answer using your existing knowledge of five a day. If you answer correctly, you will go into the fair and start having fun and learning about your five a day.

In the game you will get the chance by earning coins to enter the circus tent; use coins to buy game passes or skip stages. You can also earn squares of chocolate for your effort which you can use to buy pets which look like cherries, apples, grapes, oranges, bananas and pineapples. Your pets can also be customised by giving them a name.

On your birthday you can visit the circus tent and receive a birthday cake. There is also the possibility of background seasonal changes, for example Halloween or Christmas. The games could be customised further, for example shoot the unhealthy foods game will change to unhealthy and healthy Christmas foods like: turkey, mince pies and chocolates.

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