Co-designed apps by children, for children

A digital skills, health and wellbeing competition to inspire young minds and improve outcomes for 7–11 year olds.
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Is your school ready for the App Challenge?

If you are a Primary School with a Year 5 or 6 Class keen to learn how to develop fun and engaging health apps for the future, then yes!

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What is Schools App Challenge?

Schools App Challenge is an annual competition with a mission to co-create apps 'designed by children, for children'. The App Challenge doesn't just stop on the screen or in the school playground. It's about how we encourage our youngsters to keep active, stay healthy and continue these behaviours at home and into later life.

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"I feel like I have learnt so much. I really loved designing my own app and to see it now come to life is really amazing."

Maisie, Year 6 student, Horbury Bridge Academy

"The fantastic method of delivery of the Schools App Challenge make the topics of digital skills and health relevant, engaging and most of all, fun!"

Scott McHale, Teacher, Horbury Bridge Academy

"I hope we can change children's attitudes to health in the future – our app looked incredible."

Oskar, Year 6 student, Sandal Castle Primary School

"Schools App Challenge has developed pupils' communication and teamwork skills as well as inspiring and educating them on careers in digital and gaming. I can't wait for next year!"

Rachel Watson, Teacher, Sandal Castle Primary School

"It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I loved it. Being hosted by Microsoft at RARE Studios was extremely fun and has developed my coding knowledge."

Alfie, Year 6 student Sandal Castle Primary School

"It has been really rewarding to see how the project has brought the curriculum and the application of coding into real life for the students. They've learnt some invaluable life skills that will stay with them forever."

Jenni Scott, Teacher, Horbury Primary School

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